Alabama fans land first national championship jab in LSU’s online shop *UPDATED*

Alabama fans land first national championship jab in LSU’s online shop *UPDATED*
UPDATE: TeamFanShop issued a statement Monday morning apologizing for accidentally using Alabama images instead of LSU images on the LSU shopping website. It was an honest, albeit untimely, mistake by the website provider. It's too bad, this would have been a nice little prank from Alabama supporters.
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The BCS national championship isn't until Jan. 9, but the games between the supporters of rivals LSU and Alabama have already begun.
Late Sunday evening, about five hours after the national championship pairing was officially announced, someone hacked into the LSU fan shop website and replaced all of the LSU clothing options with Alabama clothing. Though Doc is also hearing grumblings that this was an honest mistake from the company that runs the site.
In either case, ah, SEC rivalries.
Earlier this year, a purple cape was draped across the statue of Alabama coach Nick Saban outside Bryant-Denny Stadium in the weeks leading up to the first showdown between these two teams, a game LSU won 9-6 in overtime. There were no LSU markings on the cape, so it's unclear whether it was an actual LSU prank or just a terrible fashion statement.
The website hacking is probably just the beginning of what will be a very long month of these two passionate fan bases tormenting each other until everything can be (temporarily) settled on the field.

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